Knife Light

We have a great new track ready to be heard!

Tallinn Music Week 2013

Yes, it’s going to be our third time there and we’ve loved it so far. We expect all of you to come and witness our new setup.

Check it out

Getting Ready For Finland

We are honored to be playing at Kuudes Linja next month – March 14th. We will be performing about 5 new tracks, so get ready!

Check out the event here!

Happy New Year + Seals Is Ready!

Yes, it’s ready!

Great thanks to Rainer Jancis, who mixed and mastered the track!


The material for our new single “Seals” has now been handed over to Rainer Jancis, who will mix and master the track.

By the way, anyone knows how to fix the “Air Bag” light on a ’98 Saab 9-5 (our Kosmobile)?

Another Day At The Office

Today we decided to make the best of the day. We managed to record most of Kosmofon’s newest track called “Seals”. You can have a slight peek via Soundcloud.


By the way, our studio has the coolest view

A Little Facelift

As you may see, we have done a slight facelift to our website. From now on there will be regular posts in the blog section so you can follow our latest news, videos and all sorts of stuff.


Here you can see Rasmus discovering his new Soviet synth back in 2008.